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AKB500 Integrated Passport Reading Keyboard

Approved for SITA CUTE®, ARINC MUSE®, Ultra CUSE® and RESA CREWS®, the keyboards can be adapted to add a new host or to support non-standard cards such as loyalty or frequent flyer and special dedicated formats. To ensure flexibility for the future, new firmware to add and modify features can be downloaded to the unit.

There are four product families in the ATB42x keyboard family covering the majority of airline keyboard requirements. Custom airport keyboard design is available for non-standard hardware or software requirements.

AKB500 - klawiatura zintegrowana z czytnikami dokumentyów


- PS/2 or USB interface, US 104 key or Euro 105 key versions
- Custom key layouts optional
- Cherry MX mechanical key switches rated at 50M operations
- Rugged design with steel chassis
- Compact moulded enclosure
- Height adjustable
- Dimensions: 420 x 194 x 50 mm

OCR Reader with Dual Illumination (Option)

- Optical character reader reads machine readable passports (MRP),
   visa (MRV) and travel cards and documents conforming to ICAO 9303
- Reads TAT tickets and ATB coupons conforming to IATA Recommended Practice 1720a

Pointing Device (Option)

- Integrated USB mouse compatible device
- Strong tamper resistant design
- Easy to maintain
- Suitable for left and right hand users

Magnetic Swipe Reader (MSR) (Option)

- Accepts ISO 1, 2 & 3 track credit cards to ISO7811/2-5
- IATA ATB2 722C format T1,T2,T3 & T4
- Reads in both directions
- Wide range of swipe speeds
- Long life magnetic head
- Smooth stainless steel document guide

Host System Interface

- Single USB cable or serial connection
- No external PSU
- Emulations for most popular systems
- FLASH upgradeable software
- Keyboard port powered. No external PSU
- Visual & audible good and bad read indication

Other Input Ports

- Two USB ports
- Auxiliary RS-232C serial interface for external OCR reader or decoded bar code scanner connection

Our keyboards integrate all commonly used devices to reduce counter clutter and increase the efficiency of check-in and boarding gate staff.

Combined Four-track MSR and Dual Illuminated OCR Reader

Access' 4 track magnetic swipe reader is designed specifically for the airport environment. Documents enter and exit within the body of the keyboard allowing use within confined desk areas. The MSR performs bi-directional reading of ticket and boarding pass coupons, and ISO encoded credit card data. The ergonomically designed document channel is fitted with a smooth, wear-resistant stainless steel guide and achieves reliable reading at both fast and slow swipe speeds. The integrated optical character recognition (OCR) reader reads documents conforming to ICAO 9303 and IATA Recommended Practice 1720a including direct thermally printed ATB documents and IATA 2 of 5 format bar codes.

e-Passport Reading Module

For airports that have deployed Access manufactured ATB keyboards, the stand-alone EID42x module can easily be retro-fitted to any ATB keyboard providing a low-cost migration to e-passport reading capability, and is also available as a factory-fitted option on all ATB series keyboards. To read more on the EID module, click here.

USB or Serial Connection

USB 2.0, bi-directional, RS232 (9 way DIN type) or combination connections for maximum configuration flexibility.

Pointing Device

An integrated PS/2 or USB mouse-compatible tamper resistant pointing devices.

Other Options

Cool white or dark grey body colour, serial auxiliary output and bar code scanner connection.